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Your Registered Agent Is Your Key to Cost Savings and Privacy

Learn why having a Registered Agent in Albany means that you can publish in Albany, even if you conduct business activities in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx.

New York’s LLC Publication Requirement Overview

Limited Liability Company Law § 206

Section 206 of New York’s LLC law requires all new limited liability companies to publish a notice containing the substance of their articles of organization in two local newspapers (one weekly and one daily), which are designated by the county clerk. The notice must be published within 120 days after the formation of the LLC.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation and publication of appropriate newspaper notices pursuant to NY CLS LLC § 206
  • FREE expedited processing (a $50 value)
  • FREE LLC Operating Agreement (a $125 value [required pursuant to NY Ltd. Liab. Co. Law § 417])
  • Registered agent service for one (1) year (This is especially important in cases where your New York Department of State [NYDOS] address information includes a home address. This service keeps your home address private).
  • A copy of your Certificate of Publication and state-issued receipt
  • Instant access to our exclusive collection of Online Business Resources

How do our customers save over $1,000 on publication costs?

The short answer is that we publish your LLC’s legal notice in Albany, NY newspapers (as designated by the County Clerk’s office) where the cost of publication is significantly lower. This strategy saves you over $1,000 depending on the county where your business has a physical presence. As the law currently stands, the county that determines where the LLC is required to publish its legal notice is determined by the office location of that limited liability company, and this office “need not be a place where business activities are conducted by such limited liability company”. In a nutshell, we act as a satellite office for your business. Our process is 100% legal. In fact, the quote above comes directly from the definitions section (NY CLS LLC § 102) of the applicable law.

In other words, an Office of your LLC can be the office of your Registered Agent. Additionally, the office location and Registered Agent may be changed from time to time by filing the address of the new office and/or the name of the new Registered Agent with the New York Secretary of State pursuant to the Act (see NY CLS LLC § 211-A).